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MoreForYou is a large-scale immersive art exhibit and community project about sustainability.

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 "THE SUM OF ALL OUR CHOICES" (Tutti Frutti Grande) COLLAGE 82 x 394 in / 206 x 1000 cm

Using thrown-out beverage cans as subject, MoreForYou questions the notion of value in our society. By turning cans from what is considered trash into objects of art, my goal is to sensitize the viewer to the cultural perception of what is worthy, useful and beneficial, and what not. This theme is further expressed in - and complimented by - a broad community initiative. In collaboration with various schools, students will have the opportunity to relate to the environment in a new way. 

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 "THE SUM OF ALL OUR CHOICES" (Tutti Frutti Rosso) COLLAGE 82 x 96 in / 206 x 244 cm

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"For me, Harry Schnitzler's MoreForYou invoked Saint Paul’s visions of the Garden of Eden, only realized, in contrary to the ancient parable. This abundance is no vision. It is here and now– a confrontation with contemporary life that bears close resemblance to ancient imaginings of paradise. No matter how you regard MoreForYou – whether it stands for our insatiable desire, rampant consumerism, environmental consequences, religious allegories, or philosophical thoughts about human nature, MoreForYou presents a stimulating experience of what we are and what we have become, and may even give you an idea of where you want to go from here."

                                                                                                                                                                                              Arthur C. Dental

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 ""VISIO SANCTI PAULI" COLLAGE  24 x 55 in / 60 x 141 cm

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MoreForYou Exhibition Specs:


"Wall of a Thousand Flavors": Large-scale display of 1,000 individual prints on metallic paper.

adjustable to location. Total size of display: 96 x 1,200 in / 244 x 3,050 cm / 8 x 100 ft

"The Sum of All Our Choices": Series of 14 collages, print on metallic paper,

each 40 x 96 in / 102 x 244 cm and 80 x 96 in / 204 x 244 cm

"Visio Sancti Pauli": Series of 5 collages, print on metallic paper,

each 24 x 55 in / 60 x 141 cm

"Land of Milk and Honey": Series of 5 macro photographs, print on metallic paper,

each 17 x 40 in / 42 x 100 cm

"Small Happiness": Series of 18 photographs, print on metallic paper, various sizes.

"Ignis Fatuus": Multiple video projections, size and number adjustable to location.

"The Holy Grail": Community project ................................................................................................

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