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FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME is a collaboration with Harry's wife Yana Schnitzler, a choreographer and the artistic director of

Human Kinetics. These iconic large scale images are mesmerizing compositions of fabric and human form.

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Sculpt #1, Sculpt #2, 13 x 11 in / 33 x 28 cm

Art at the Headquarters: Human Kinetics


Accompanied by extensive press and TV coverage and attended by a large audience the opening reception of the New Yorker artist couple Yana and Harry Schnitzler’s exhibition ‘Frozen Moments in Time’ took place on June 6that the lobby of the AOK headquarters in Munich’s Landsbergerstrasse street.


The 60 partially larger than life size photographs of dancers of the New Yorker performance company Human Kinetics speak for themselves. With extraordinary visual sensibility for movement they magically reflect the power of the moment. Looking at them, it is as if one almost feels the tension in the dancers’ bodies, allowing time to stand still for an instant. The evening started off with a breathtaking performance of a movement installation by Artistic director Yana Schnitzler, which filled the whole space and transformed the light flooded lobby into a sea of red silk.


Thereafter AOK President Robert Schurer greeted the numerous guests and the artist couple, who had travelled all the way from New York for this occasion, in a solemn speech. After a tour through the image world of ‘Frozen Moments in Time’ moderated by our in-house curator Erwin Salvermoser, the social part of the evening was opened. Among the numerous guests were many celebrities, such as actor Markus Boeker, TV producer Jessica Krauss (LOOP, Wildes Leben), film composer Martin Grassl (Marienhof, SOKO Kitzbuehel), best selling author Michael Gerwin, music producer team Artur Silber and Joachim Scheffter as well as columnist Elli Weinert.


For the curious and interested reader should be mentioned that there is a 15-minutes feature about the exhibition of Human Kinetics at the AOK at TV Muenchen’s broadcast ‘Stadtrundgang mit Christopher Griebel’ (City tours with Christopher Griebel) Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm. The exhibition, which has previously been shown in Nice [France] and at the Hamburg Art Week, is on view for the public until September 27, 2013. Lobby of the AOK headquarters, Landsberger-strasse 150-152, 80339 Munich. Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am – 12noon, Saturday, Sunday and holidays closed. Free admission.

AOK, Germany, June/July 2013

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Sculpt #1, Sculpt #2, 13 x 11 in / 33 x 28 cm

“I have always been fascinated by the act of photographing dancers. Through movement you see the soul of a human being. The most magical moments are those when no choreography interferes with the personality. There, photography turns into a dance between a soul, light and shadow.”

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60 images, printed on fine art metallic paper, mounted on individual boards, signed and numbered:

Ranging from 95 x 197 in / 240 x 500 cm to  8.5 x 11 in / 21 x 28 cm

Accompanying Book, titled "Human Kinetics" SILENCE, 172 pages, Hardcover 

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