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For the past 40 years, my work has been an exploration of the human condition, investigating various aspects and relationships between history, culture and art. Oftentimes, the projects would consist of a “collage” of multiple works of different media, such as painting, photography, video installation, music composition and sound sculptures to emphasize context. During research and production new areas of interests arise and lead to the next body of work. 

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Preparing for exhibition FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME


Harry was born and raised in Munich, Germany. he is an award-winning composer, artist and author.

After receiving a silver medal for his musical works from the German Phono Academy in the late 70’s, Harry spent most of the next decade in recording studios, working with rock and pop stars like Deep Purple, Spandau Ballet, Robert Palmer, Tears for Fears, Limahl and Oscar-winning film composers James Horner, Maurice Jarre and Giorgio Moroder, among others.

In the early 90’s Harry moved to Berlin, exhibited his “Paintings, Sounds and Video-art” concept in Berlin’s emerging art gallery scene, and composed music for feature films like “Werner volles rohr”and "Under the black flagg", image films for Coca Cola, Kelloggs, BMW, Audi and Nestle, among others, as well as numerous tv series, such as “Simsalagrimm”, which became one of Germany’s best international selling tv series.

At the millennium, Harry moved to New York City and came back to the visual world full time.With his avangard image films “I love New York” (2007) and “I love Munich” (2009) Harry created his own visual language, called “intoxicating imagery” by the press. His artistic works has been exhibited in the USA and Europe and published in magazines/covers and newspapers. Teaching credits include HFF Potsdam and BBW Berlin.

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