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Multidisciplinary artist, award-winning composer and author.

Recipient of the 2021 New York City Artist Corps Grant




My work is an exploration of the human condition, investigating various aspects and relationships between history, culture and art. Everything is expressed through relationship. Color can exist only through other colors, dimension through other dimensions, and position through other positions that oppose them. I use objects, photography and video, and compose music for my projects. I see them all as a vocabulary of feelings, just in different languages.

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Preparing for exhibition FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME

Preparing for exhibition FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME

Preparing for exhibition FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME


Mr. Schnitzler's work has been extensively exhibited throughout the US and Europe, including Grove34 Gallery, NYC (2021), Parasol Gallery, NYC (2019), AOK Headquarter, Munich, Germany (2013), Opera Plage, Nice, France (2011), Hamburg Art Week (2011), Film Center New York (2010) and was published in numerous international magazines and newspapers, including Bomb Magazine, Nice Matin (France), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Memoria Magazine (Japan), Art & Object, The Exberliner, Currents Magazine (Cover) and The Morning Call, among others. Most recently, some of his photographic work has been featured on three large billboards on Times Square.


Mr. Schnitzler’s composing credits include feature films like “Werner Volles Rohr” and "Under the Black Flagg", image films of Coca Cola, Kelloggs, BMW, Audi and Nestle as well as numerous TV series, such as “SimsalaGrimm”, which is one of Germany’s best-selling TV series internationally, and “Wildlife” for which he received the Berner Filmmusik award in 2000.


In the studio, he had the bliss of working with Deep Purple, Spandau Ballet, Robert Palmer, Tears for Fears, Limahl, John Paul Young and Oscar-winning film composers James Horner, Maurice Jarre and Giorgio Moroder.


Mr. Schnitzler’s avangard image films “I love Munich” (2009) and “I love New York” (2007) with their unique visual language were called “intoxicating imagery” by the press and aired internationally. 


Teaching credits include the Academy for Film and Television “HFF”, Potsdam/Germany and the University of Applied Science “BBW”, Berlin.

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Preparing for exhibition FROZEN MOMENTS IN TIME

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Preparing for exhibition MORE FOR YOU

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